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Colours of wellness

Colours of Wellness 

Colours of Wellness is a celebration of the unparalleled relationship between creative expression, wellness, and community. The exhibit is a testament to the healing capacity of art making and its ability to provide meaningful opportunities for relational connection, comfort, empowerment, self-reflection, and skill building. 

The artwork has been created by participants at the Art Wellness Studios & Clinic (AWSC). For those who are graduating at the end of 2021, the exhibit is also a particularly poignant celebration. Many of these artists have been part of the program for numerous years and it is imperative to highlight and acknowledge their commitment to the art making, the group and ultimately their artistic identity.

The selected artwork comprises the talent, compassion, beauty, curiosity, vulnerability, joy, confidence, courage, and deep sustenance that fuel the studio space. Each artist has their own creative voice, which is evident in the unique artwork they wished to include in this exhibit.  

In sharing the artwork, you are warmly invited to engage with these authentic voices and art processes. We welcome you to pause and reflect on creative expression as a space to learn about ourselves (and others) as well as fostering meaning and inspiration. 


Colours of Wellness features the work of Alana, Arlene, Cassia, Don, Doreen, Georgia, Karen, Kim, Natalia, and Stephen.


Heartfelt thanks to the entire AWSC community including the CiiAT staff members who helped coordinate and publish the exhibit.  


Please contact [email protected] for information about purchasing any of these pieces.